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Spring 2003

Welcome to the Genetics Web page. To access Biology 240/241 course information or other WWW pages, click on the highlighted text or images.


Announcements (6-2-03):


Please sign up for oral exam times - a new list of available times will be posted on Monday afternoon.



Selected Topics for the Cumulative Portion of the Final Exam:

* Genetic Mapping (i.e. the three point cross)

* Meiosis

* Gene Expression (Transcription and Translation)

* DNA Replication

* Hardy-Weinberg Applications

If you are interested in taking the final exam on friday, June 6th, (9:30-12), please email me before Tuesday evening.

Problem Set #5 due on Wednesday at 4 pm.

Article associated with the 5/26/03 lecture is on reserve in the library (I believe you can also access this article through e-jourrnal holdings in our library):

Microchip arrays put DNA on the spot. Robert Service (1998). Science vol 282: 396 - 399.

 Article associated with the 5/21/03 lecture is on reserve in the library:

Viable offspring derived from fetal and adult mammalian cells. Ian Wilmut et al. (1997). Nature vol 385:810-813.

General Course Information:

Course Syllabus
Suggested Problems
Lab Syllabus


Laboratory Instructor

Stephan Zweifel, Hulings 309, email szweifel x4385


Teaching Assistants

Jo Humphrey (Tuesday afternoon)

Ryan Navratil (Thursday morning)

Emily Johnson (Thursday afternoon)



TA Help Sessions: 8-9 pm Sundays, Hulings 203

Course Information







23 September 98

Genetics Links


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A Genetics Glossary to check your understanding of genetics terms:

The Genetics and Ethics Page, a basic page with links to many, many useful and informative pages. It appears to be actively maintained by a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia.









ExPASy Proteomics Tools, to find out more about your unknown DNA sequence:


Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools, "A Collection of WWW Links to Information and Services Useful to Molecular Biologists":







BioMedNet, "The Internet Community for Biological and Medical Researchers":







Note: to access parts of this site, such as "A Billion Base Pairs Up for Grabs" (an article from the "HMS Beagle" about Bioinformatics resources), you must become a member of BioMedNet--this is free.

Access the National Center for Biotechnology Information:







National Center for Biotechnology Information


Entrez browser-- search GenBank and other databases for sequence and other information about genes, open reading frames and plasmid

BLAST search--compare unknown sequences to entries in GenBank and other sequence databases

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man--search a database cataloging known or believed human genes and genetic disorders

Web Cutter page; type in a sequence and find out where restriction enzymes will cut:







Web Cutter

The entire yeast genome sequence:







Yeast Genome Database

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Web site to perform searches for literature in MEDLINE and other databases:







Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

The Mendel web page for information about the father of genetics, including original papers and other interesting tidbits:








The Bio Online page for directories and profiles of Biotech companies in the United States:







Bio Online






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